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What is an attribution and do I have to?

Connie Jo Miller, founder, and president of Enigma Bookkeeping Solutions asked, “Some of my blog ideas come from other things I have read or heard. Should I try to source the idea? Most of the time I’m not sure where I read or heard something and I feel bad/guilty because the spark for the blog came […]

Finding Readers for your Amazing Blog

Connie Jo Miller, founder, and president of Enigma Bookkeeping Solutions asked me, “I read your fantabulous e-Guide, 5–Steps to Publishing Client-Attracting Posts. So, I’ve written my awe-inspiring blog posts. How do I get my ideal clients to read them? Where do I put them to get the most readers?” This is such a great question! […]

The Art of Practice: soft-boiled eggs and writing

Recently, a dear friend from the United Kingdom introduced me to soft-boiled eggs served on toast. She made them perfectly each morning of her visit and, upon request, taught me her secret. The variables in making a perfect three-minute egg include egg size and temperature, as well as when one begins the three-minute countdown (barely […]

When Connections are Strong, Time Doesn’t Matter

This week, I had the great fortune of reconnecting with two long-time friends with whom I’d fallen out of regular contact. Over 25 years elapsed between gathering at my apartment and grabbing dinner at Maxwell’s on Main. Back in the day, we were like the Three Musketeers. Well, that is if the three musketeers had been […]

4 Reasons to Write a Book

I tell people I’m a writer and ­– most of the time – their immediate reaction is, “Wow. Someday I want to write a book.” They have a glamorized version of what it means to actually be a writer. Here’s a secret for your eyes only: you write. That’s it. Well, okay, maybe not quite. […]

Read when you’ve lost that loving feeling

Cue the Everly Brothers. Or, my favorite, Hall & Oates version of “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.” Picture Goose and Maverick lamenting their lost love. Yes, lost love is tough to get through (hugs). We’ve all been there. But the love I’m talking about is the one you’ve lost for your blog. Remember when you […]

5 Reasons Retreating is Great

Last week, the first BlogBuster Retreat was held with the goal of planning a full year’s worth of posts and writing the first months worth — for all those who attended. Seemed like a tall order even as I insisted it could be done. We held the event at the gorgeous Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast […]

3 Ways to Generate Content for a Blog Post Plan B

It’s one hour before your blog is supposed to be published and your kid just spiked a fever. You’re in a panic. Instead of poking around WordPress, you find yourself sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, worrying about your sick child. Underneath your parental worries, you feel anxious about missing a post. (Why? Because you […]

5 Must-Haves in Your Blog Editorial Calendar

Some people are natural planners; others aren’t. Those who consistently write and publish compelling blog posts tend to be planners. They use something called an “editorial calendar” to plan what they want to say and when. Before you undertake this step, you’ll want to answer three important questions about your blogging goals. One: Monthly themes […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Blog

We’ve all heard that blogging would be helpful for growing our audience and increasing the number of eyeballs looking at our website. It makes sense that we’d want a piece of this action so we decide to jump into the blogosphere. Why? you may ask. The statistics undeniably support business blogging: Once you write 21-54 […]