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3 Ways to Generate Content a Blog Post Plan B

It’s one hour before your blog is supposed to be published and your kid just spiked a fever. You’re in a panic. Instead of poking around WordPress, you find yourself sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, worrying about your sick child. Underneath your parental worries, you feel anxious about missing a post. (Why? Because you […]

5 Must-Haves in Your Blog Editorial Calendar

Some people are natural planners; others aren’t. Those who consistently write and publish compelling blog posts tend to be planners. They use something called an “editorial calendar” to plan what they want to say and when. Before you undertake this step, you’ll want to answer three important questions about your blogging goals. One: Monthly themes […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Blog

We’ve all heard that blogging would be helpful for growing our audience and increasing the number of eyeballs looking at our website. It makes sense that we’d want a piece of this action so we decide to jump into the blogosphere. Why? you may ask. The statistics undeniably support business blogging: Once you write 21-54 […]

Why you should care about categories and tags

I’m often asked about the difference between and benefits of using categories and tags for blog posts. For the record, categories and tags are not interchangeable. A blog I followed used tags as categories and vice-versa. This made finding their older posts virtually impossible and actually hurt their search engine optimization (SEO). One of the […]

6 writing hacks you need to know

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Leonardo da Vinci At Ripcord Communications, we love to simplify your life – and your writing. After all, they do go hand-in-hand.  That’s why we offer tips to not only make you a writing superstar but to attract new clients, and grow your business. Today we will go through […]

3 Easy Steps to Connect With Your Audience

You may have already conquered the important question of who your ideal clients are and that’s great. But now you need to ask yourself, what is the best way to connect with them?  So stop, drop and roll – oops, no fires here – we mean, listen, relate and formulate – formulate a good plan, […]

6 Basic Tips to Increase your SEO

In a recent post, we shared some “Cliff’s Notes” on what is SEO and why it is so important. (Here’s a link in case you want a quick refresher.)  Let’s focus now on how to incorporate some SEO best practices for your writing. Ready, set, go! Keep in mind that the big search engines’ top […]

Quick Tips to Be Your Own Editor

As an entrepreneur, you don’t often have the luxury of having an editor review your writing. This could lead to costly mistakes, which hurt your image in the eyes of your ideal client.  We word geeks cringe at seeing the wrong tense of a word or a substitution of “their” for “there” in the most […]

What the heck is SEO and why should you care?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most popular business “buzzwords” these days as we all turn to our Google search bar to get through our everyday lives. But do you really know what the concept of SEO really means for your business? An infinite amount of data is culled through every nanosecond of […]