How Being Concrete Can Make You Sticky

In the past few posts, we’ve explored the ideas set out by Chip and Dan Heath, in their book Made to Stick about The Curse of Knowledge, making our writing sticky, simple, and unexpected. In this post, we’ll continue our exploration of the six principles you can use to connect with your ideal clients. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt […]

Are You “Rutless?”

Billy Crystal and Debra Winger starred in the 1993 film, Forget Paris, which was the mostly forgettable story of a vertically-challenged NBA referee and his wife. What made the film memorable for me was a restaurant scene in which Billy’s character orders a meal and Debra comments that he always orders the same dish. “You’re […]

Six Ways to Combat “The Curse of Knowledge”

Chip and Dan Heath, in their book Made to Stick, wrote about The Curse of Knowledge and how once you know something you can’t unknow it. We’ve explored the notion of making our writing sticky and in this post, we’ll begin to explore six ways you can use to connect with your ideal clients. Holy […]

How to make your posts “sticky”

Continuing from my last post on The Curse of Knowledge, today we’ll talk about the notion of making your writing ‘sticky.’ No, I’m not talking about saltwater taffy or cinnamon buns (although, YUM). The stickiness of ideas makes what you have to say resonate with your ideal clients. Velcro ideas Ideas that stick with your […]

What’s the “Curse of Knowledge?”

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll have heard me talk about “The Curse of Knowledge,” which is, according to Dan Heath, “the more you know about something, the harder it is for you to imagine what it’s like to lack that knowledge.” This makes communicating with your potential ideal clients difficult. […]