Hey Non-Believers, These Vlogging Stats Will Blow Your Mind!

As the chief marketer of your business, you’re often looking for ways to expand your reach.  And if this is indeed true (hint: we already know it is), –you owe it to yourself to exploit some tried and true ways to put your best marketing foot forward online.  After all, there’s no need to reinvent the […]

10 Tips for Starting a Vlog

Being seen may cause your heart to go pitter-pat, but you’re thinking of augmenting your blog with a vlog. The facts that vlogging will enrich your online marketing efforts abound. But, how do you actually getting one started? You may be asking yourself the following: What should I talk about?  What do I need to make […]

Vlogging vs. Blogging – Better Friends Than Enemies

Our headline rings of Plants vs. Zombies, Betty vs. Veronica or Miley vs. Katy, but can’t these two just get along? The overwhelming response is YES!  In fact, they should and they must!  The truth is they should be symbiotic and share a crucial mutually beneficial relationship in your marketing plan. A vlog accompanying your […]

Bulk up Your Blog by Adding Video

We often get asked, “besides adding a blog to my website, is there anything else I should be doing to strengthen my online marketing initiatives?” Well, sure, there are many things you can do in this SEO-driven world, but one simple and seamless addition would be to add a vlog to your blog – say […]

3 Ways to Generate Content for a Blog Post Plan B

It’s one hour before your blog is supposed to be published and your kid just spiked a fever. You’re in a panic. Instead of poking around WordPress, you find yourself sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, worrying about your sick child. Underneath your parental worries, you feel anxious about missing a post. (Why? Because you […]