5 Tips for Generating Compelling Blog Posts

Welcome to the fourth entry in our blogs on blogs series. Today we’ll explore some practical ways to stimulate your brain to generate that oh so valuable content. By now, we’ve laid out the basics of how important blogging is, but now let’s get into actually putting some ideas to paper, er, into the keyboard.  […]

Brother (blog), where art thou?

Welcome to the third in our series of blogs on blogs –where we’ll explore some “familial” ties between types of blogs you will want to read and follow, all to keep your creative instincts sharp, and hip with the latest trends.  It is always important to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening […]

5 Things Every Blog Post Ought to Have

Welcome to the second in our series of blogs on blogs – think “Fun with Flags,” from the “Big Bang Theory,” but a lot less geeky. If you haven’t read our first entry, click here to catch up on some mind-blowing stats which prove without a shadow of a doubt that blogging ought to be […]

7 Reasons Blogging Ought to be a Key Part of Your Marketing

You’ve heard all about blogs to the point that you may want to shout, “Shut up about blogs!” But the masses ain’t lying, hon!  Blogs are a proven tool to help grow your business, they are great for SEO (search engine optimization), and they offer a means to connect with your clients in a non-traditional […]

6 writing hacks you need to know

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~ Leonardo da Vinci At Ripcord Communications, we love to simplify your life – and your writing. After all, they do go hand-in-hand.  That’s why we offer tips to not only make you a writing superstar but to attract new clients, and grow your business. Today we will go through […]