And the winner is…..

Our Tales UnTold ran a contest for our readers to submit photographs and their associated stories for the chance to win a free video montage. Little did I know that the winner and I would share so much in common: Originally from Abington, PA, Sharon Broomall‘s son and mine attended the same high school. We […]

First Day of School

Do you remember feeling excited about the first day of school? I do. Feeling butterflies flitting around inside my stomach as the anticipation rose to ride a bus for the first time, meet my new teacher, and find out who was in my class. (Back in the day, we didn’t receive advance notification of teacher […]

5 Questions to Ask at a Family Reunion

Are you among those love a good, old-fashioned family reunion or do you dread them? In my experience, folks are in one camp or the other. Me? I love getting together periodically with distant family. The first family reunion I remember attending was a picnic held in Williamsport, PA, at a relative’s wooded cabin. Swarms of […]

A photo tells a story

Do you remember the anticipation you felt when a store clerk handed you the oblong yellow and white envelope containing your pictures? You deposited a canister full of images, waited a week or so for them to be processed, and then the moment of truth arrived: discovering how many of your “perfect” photos were actually […]

Summer Rewind

My family used to own a Bucks County farm located in historic Ivyland. The 80+ acres of land, stone farmhouse and four-story barn were a gift to my grandparents. When I was young, I spent my summers there. My grandmother gardened and her home was surrounded by peonies, tiger lilies, roses, and grapes. We had one […]