Deborah Kevin

Author. Editor. Speaker.

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You’ve written a book…

     And you’re wondering, “Now what?”

As you sip your celebratory champagne, it’s time to focus on how to get eyeballs on your book because—let’s face it—you didn’t write it so it could molder away in your basement.

To make the real difference you intended, you have to focus on the “now what.” To be honest: this is where the real work begins. Celebrate your monumental accomplishment of actually writing your book, and then roll up your sleeves and get back to work.

Using the principles of this book, you’ll learn how to edit, publish, launch, and promote a book that will transform you ideal readers’ lives.

You ready? Let’s do this!

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all the kind words

As a mentor to female entrepreneurs, I always recommend that my students consider writing a book as a way to share their expertise and passion with the world. Self-publishing has become an excellent way to get your book out there more quickly, but the whole process feels intimidating. Deborah demystifies the entire process —all in a helpful, cheerful manner that makes you feel confident about self-publishing your book. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to self-publish, be sure to grab Deborah’s book – you’ll be thankful you did!

Jill Celeste

Founder, Celestial University

When I self-published my first book, You’ve Written Your Book. Now What? wasn’t available guide me! As I read this book, I found myself saying, “I should’ve done that” and “that would’ve been easier.” Most people aren’t aware of the many facets of publishing—Deborah has laid it all out for you. This book is a must for anyone considering the self-publishing route!

Nicole Meltzer

Director, Balanced U Academy

About Debby

inspiration and all

Deborah Kevin loves books. Ever since she taught herself to read at four-years-old, she’s had her nose stuck in a book. The day her mother taught her to draw her signature, which enabled her to get her first library card—well before her non-cursive-writing friends—was a magical day as it unlocked biographies, histories, and romance novels (ooh la la). Never in her wildest little girl imagination did she envision a day that she’d become an author and a publisher.

Long before she launched Highlander Press, friends came to Debby for editing and writing advice. Only then did she start to dream of a different life for herself—a life surrounded by books!

As part of the Stanford University’s Creative Writing cohort, she wrote Finding Grace, an historical fiction novel about two children solving the mystery of their mother’s disappearance. The book will be published in 2022 under Highlander Press. A second novel, Free Skate, is under development.

She lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her family and their rambunctious pup, Fergus—that is, when they’re not off discovering the world.

about Debby Kevin

Other Fun Facts:

Two sons call her “Mom”

Makes the “world’s best” Snickerdoodles

Dreams of living abroad in Europe for some part of every year

Wants to finishing walking the Camino de Santiago (and already has nearly 300 miles under her belt)

Once slept out all night for concert tickets (Peter Gabriel, in Rochester). She was thirty years old at the time (and it was totally worth it!)

Adores mountain hikes, kayaking, and star-filled skies

Loves old typewriters

Worked full-time while attending college full-time, graduating with honors

Thinks driving a manual (stick shift) is the bomb

Believes in the Law of Attraction, manifestation, and intuition

Is her family historian, assuming the reins of genealogical research from her Dad