5 Reasons Retreating is Great

BlogBuster Retreat gals

Last week, the first BlogBuster Retreat was held with the goal of planning a full year’s worth of posts and writing the first months worth — for all those who attended. Seemed like a tall order even as I insisted it could be done.

We held the event at the gorgeous Frederick Inn Bed & Breakfast in Buckeystown, MD. Our hosts, Pat and Kirk, were simply the kindest, most accommodating people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They went above and beyond to ensure our stay was both enjoyable and productive.

Lisa Stearns

We began our retreat with Lisa Stearns leading us in Bhakti, a specialized heart-opening yoga which involved chanting in Sanskrit. It turned out to be the perfect launch to unleash our creativity. We began our second day with a drum circle led by Nellie Hill of Playful Spirit Adventures. This activity also allowed us to engage our left brain in order to write compelling posts.

The group of women who attended each brought with her completed pre-work, which resulted in rich (and often) hilarious discussions. We brainstormed together and each had time to research and plan before coming together again to delve into another topic.

Being away afforded us the opportunity to bond, develop deeper friendships, and get planning done that would have otherwise gone by the wayside.

So, here are 5 reasons retreating is good for your business:

  1. Dedicated time to plan, dream, and scheme;
  2. Group brainstorming results in hilarious and fruitful ideas;
  3. Getting away from your office does wonders for your soul;
  4. Being in an intimate group builds relationships more quickly; and
  5. You leave with a sense of accomplishment and possibilities.

One attendee wrote, “I had been blogging long enough to know that I needed support to meet my own goal of one well-written weekly blog that spoke to my ideal clients! Debby’s homework and resources were right on target. I wrote titles for 52+ blogs and completed the first four blogs. Bonus for me is I now have categories for my blogs – Debby showed us how to create them. And I know how to add tags. Plus the editing she did for my first blog keyed me into how I can improve my writing to speak to my tribe! Plus fun stuff, yoga, and drumming; excellent attendees and a beautiful bed and breakfast. SO WORTH IT!”

If you’re interested in learning more about future retreats or upcoming programming, please schedule a virtual coffee with me.





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