Word Alchemist Deborah Kevin (pronounced “key-vin”) loves helping heart-centered entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients and grow their businesses by creating and implementing a compelling blog strategy or coaching them as they write their books.

Debby’s parents valued education and, when she was ten, they invested in a set of World Book Encyclopedias. Debby pored over those books! A frequent refrain heard in her home was, “Go look it up.” That’s how she became a proficient researcher long before Google. As she reflected on where her fascination with language began, it likely started with a battered Webster’s dictionary and those encyclopedias.  She’s been a reader and a writer for as long as she can remember. Her undergraduate degree in Accounting served her well, but it’s her Stanford University creative writing program of which she’s most proud.

Curiosity could be Debby’s middle name. She thrives on learning new things — and will sink into any subject with glee (well, anything except math — blech; you can see perhaps why accounting wasn’t a good fit!). When you link her love of learning to her fascination with language, you can see how finding the right words to explain complex topics in a clear and concise way might appeal to her.

Deborah works with heart-centered, service-minded entrepreneurs who are out to make an impact on our world and their communities. Typically, she’s part of a team they have hired to get done those things outside their areas of brilliance. (So many people feel uncomfortable about their writing skills, yet people still read — and notice when something feels “off.”)

A graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo, Stanford University and a Penn State University alumnus, Debby is an associate editor with Inspired Living Publishing and a former editor of the Little Patuxent Review. She’s a member of the Association of Writing Professionals, Editorial Freelance Association, National Association of Memoir Writers, and the Association of Ghostwriters.

Debby’s passions include travel, cooking, hiking, and kayaking. Her in-process novel, Finding Grace, is under revision. Currently, she plans all viewing events for the Emmy-award winning documentary “The Joe We Know.” When they’re not out discovering the world, her family lives in Maryland with their cat Princess Leia.

Fun Facts about Deborah

Deborah was born in Doylestown, the county seat of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She likes to joke that The Beach Boys song “California Girls” was written about her, not because she grew up in California (though she did live in Anaheim for a couple of years in the late 1960s), but because she is the sum total of all the girls they sang about: east coast, west coast, north, and south. Her father’s military career had her family moving so often that she attended 13 schools in 12 years. While it was difficult growing up as the perpetual “new girl,” she’s grateful for the skills she learned: flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to listen.

Fast facts about Debby:

  • Two sons call her “Mom”
  • Loves dogs, especially Shelties
  • Makes the “world’s best” Snickerdoodles
  • Plans on eating her way around the world
  • Wants to walk the entire Camino de Santiago de Compostella (and already has nearly 300 miles under her belt)
  • Once slept out for concert tickets (Peter Gabriel, in Rochester). She was 30 years old at the time
  • Adores kayaking
  • Prefers the mountains to the ocean
  • Spent three of her four undergraduate years at Penn State University Smeal College of Business, but graduated from State University of New York – Geneseo (but once a Nittany Lion, always a Nittany Lion)
  • Worked full-time while attending college full-time, graduating with honors
  • Thinks driving a manual (stick shift) is the bomb
  • Gets up really early to write, meditate, and walk – before the rest of her family stirs
  • Researching family history is a fun pastime she shares with her dad

Our Testimonials

I needed support to meet my goal of one well-written weekly blog [post]… I had been blogging long enough to know that I needed support to meet my goal of one well-written weekly blog that spoke to my ideal clients! Debby’s homework and resources were right on target. I wrote titles for 52+ blogs and completed the first 4 blogs. Bonus for me is I now have categories for my blogs – Debby showed us how to create them.”

Maribeth Decker of
Sacred Grove