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You’ve Got to Move It, Move It

As a kid in a military family, I moved every couple of years. My dad would receive transfer orders and out would come the moving folks with their little red, numbered stickers. We’d pile into the family truckster and set off to our new home. Consequently, I attended thirteen schools in twelve years. As an […]

You won’t get rich by writing a book

If you have visions of wearing a Chanel suit, and having breakfast at Tiffany’s, darling, once you’re a published author, I’m gonna burst your bubble. Sure, some authors do make it big from publishing their books (e.g., Brené Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert) but they’re the exception. (And for Brené Brown, her main gigs are still […]

3 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

I believe in the power of blogging for our businesses because it helps us get clear on our value proposition while serving our ideal clients. Some people worry about “giving too much away for free.” And, although I’m not advocating that you give the farm away, I do believe in the karma of generosity. Blogging […]

4 Reasons You Ought to Publish a Book

Perhaps you’ve heard somewhere that, as an entrepreneur, you ought to write a book. But you’re busy meeting clients, marketing your business, speaking, creating, and serving. How the heck do you find the time to write a book? And publish? That feels overwhelming. That’s okay—I’ve got your back. Here are the four reasons you ought […]

Blue Sweater Stories

I’ve written quite a bit about the impact our stories have on our lives, and I’ve focused mainly on those that have weighed us down and kept us stuck. In my Journey program, we talk instead about keeping the lessons and releasing the pain. But there are other stories we want to keep. I call […]

Lessons from the Green Book

I first learned about the Green Book in 2014 when I visited Denver’s Colorado History Museum, where a copy was on display in an exhibit honoring Lincoln Hills, the only African-American vacation resort west of the Mississippi. When Lincoln Hills opened in 1922, it was only the third resort in the United States where African-American […]

Are hidden memories tripping you up?

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I’ve been digging deep into the recesses of my life to illuminate memories, foster healing, and growth. Over the past four years, I’ve evolved back into the truest part of myself—and feel so light and joyful as a result. Not only that, […]


What kind of editor do you need?

When most people think of an editor, they picture a buttoned-up, librarian type. Some may be, but I maintain we editors are bad asses. We know words, how to structure them, and what our authors need, and when. While working on their books or blogs, writers hear from friends, “You ought to hire an editor.” […]

Do you trust your voice?

I spent last week examining trust. How I trust others. How I trust myself. Deep wounds were excavated, examined, and set on a path to healing. Ugly tears were shed as I was encircled by the fierce love and protection of my peers.  A truth I unearthed was it hasn’t been safe to use my voice. […]