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Making Peace with Ourselves

Making peace with ourselves is not a small undertaking. The list of my mistakes resembles Santa’s Naughty or Nice scroll. I envision little errors recorded in a tiny Serif print while the colossal goof-ups scrawled in big, bold letters. Some are even written in neon, flashing, “You f’ed up.” I kept that scroll tightly rolled […]

Learning to Trust Myself

I sat back in the oversized conference room chair and swallowed hard, wiping tears from my cheeks, as my mentor issued my assignments. The day had been emotionally grueling. Each question he’d asked required me to write in a journal for forty-five minutes. My hand cramped by the end of the fifth or sixth question. […]

4 Lessons I Relearned the Hard Way

These past few weeks, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, working long hours on really cool projects. Recently, I had four major coinciding deadlines, after which I had to refocus on existing projects to get caught up. I clearly had lessons to relearn! What a wake-up call for me! My body felt exhausted. […]

Challenges with Accepting Help

If you’re anything like me, you have had challenges with accepting help. I grew up in a military family, spent years as a Girl Scout, and have been on my own since I was seventeen. Being fiercely independent has long been one of my defining characteristics. As my son, Jack used to say as a […]

The Subtle Art of Hiding

Being visible, truly being seen, has been an evolution for me. I grew up in a household where hiding and invisibility were the norms. In fact, to avoid being seen, I turned down a dozen promotions that would have thrust me into an active leadership role. I perfected the subtle art of hiding in plain […]

Life by Subtraction or Attraction?

The oddest, most wonderful thought came to mind recently as I awoke one morning: I have been living my life by subtraction. Let me explain. The Big Ah-ha Several years ago, I had the privilege of being coached by Karen Salmansohn. One of the first exercises she had me complete was to examine my relationship […]

Leaning into Fear Brings Growth

Have you ever been intrigued by an activity for a while before you either decided to try it or opted to stop thinking about it? That’s how stand up paddle boarding (SUP) was for me. The first time I saw photos of someone standing on a SUP, I felt fascinated by the physics of the […]


How Fear of Being Seen Keeps Us Small

For several years now, I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs to write and publish their books. Our goal to get them to bestseller status. Together, we’ve experienced excellent outcomes. It’s always thrilling to witness their success. I feel a little like a mother hen watching proudly over her brood. I helped them overcome their fear of being […]

On Toe Socks, the Camino, and Being Stuck

Camino Backstory For those of you who follow me regularly, it may come as no surprise that I’m focused personally on my upcoming pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. In September, I’m walking over 200 miles from St. John Pied de Port on the French/Spanish border to Burgos. Last year, I trekked with […]