Over the past week, three of my friends died suddenly. One had an aneurysm and two heart attacks. They were my age. Another friend lost her ten-year old niece, who collapsed while playing flashlight tag in the backyard. My heart aches. That’s too much loss crammed together. While some families head off on their summer […]

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day, a day I’ll admit to having a difficult relationship with. For most of my life, my father was either deployed, we lived apart, or he vacationed in Gettysburg on Father’s Day. As a result, we have no traditions: we don’t brunch nor catch a ballgame nor do we picnic. […]

A hot post on our Facebook feed this week involved 50 ideas for your summer bucket list. It included such items as “watch fireworks” and “play in the sprinkler” along with “do something bold” and “be spontaneous.” These are all great suggestions but here’s a thought: all year, I spend filling my time with appointments, […]

In three days, my eldest son graduates from Calvert Hall College High School here in Baltimore, Maryland exactly 35 years to the day that I walked across William Tennant‘s football field in Warminster, Pennsylvania, to accept my diploma. I’m proud of my son’s accomplishments and know the pomp and circumstance on Saturday will be bittersweet. […]

Memorial Day weekend ushers in summer. Some folks head to the beach, others the mountains. My family holds its annual family picnic following a parade in my parents’ town. We feast on hot dogs and burgers fresh from the grill accompanied by my Aunt Bea’s delicious potato salad. For the adults, my step-mother Jane makes […]