Bulk up Your Blog by Adding Video

AdobeStock_142192059We often get asked, “besides adding a blog to my website, is there anything else I should be doing to strengthen my online marketing initiatives?” Well, sure, there are many things you can do in this SEO-driven world, but one simple and seamless addition would be to add a vlog to your blog – say that five times fast!

Blogs and vlogs can be a perfect marriage of tools on your marketing utility belt. Alone they are powerful themselves, but together they are a whole greater than the sum of their parts.

Our series of “blogs on blogs” stressed the importance of blogging to increase your visibility and act as an informal medium to interact with your clients, and a vlog can only help in those efforts.  In fact, we can utilize the vlog as a sort of muscle enhancer to give your written content bigger biceps. We want to pump, you up!

An important SEO tidbit we would be remiss not to mention is that search engines like Google can’t crawl our digital media for content.  Thus, they are unable to index our vlogs. They can crawl and index text.  So it is critical to include a written summary to accompany any video. By pairing a vlog with a blog you rev up the indexing issue resulting in greater searchability.

Video brings vibrant life to your written content.

A video accompaniment can bring vibrant life and juiciness to your written content with further personalization.  And by this, we don’t mean merely reading your blog post aloud in the video.  Although that itself could be a tool to reach a different audience, that is not the end game.  Primarily use it for added value content.

Depending on your business or a particular topic, the choice between a blog or vlog may make all the difference in your pitch. Again, we suggest using both and cover all bases. If your industry is visual heavy such as food, fashion, or beauty, a vlog should be a no-brainer. Wouldn’t it help sell your product if you had visual support and a demo? Of course! Remember people process information differently. Studies show that 65% are visual learners while other may process better with reading words, so make a little extra effort to know the audience you’re pitching.

Get more eyes on your content via YouTube.

Since YouTube is so massive – and part of Google – we would recommend starting your own channel. This is doubly important for SEO even if you are uploading content directly to your website. No harm in the content replicated in two places if it attracts more eyeballs.  Post them on your social media accounts and those likes, comments and shares will help grow your audience and get you more pub than that latest puppy video making the rounds!

Think for a hot second about scrolling through your Facebook feed.  As you scroll, videos automatically begin rolling, right? But does a link to your latest blog post have that much immediate impact?  Simply, no.

The curiosity factor and intrigue of a visually stunning person such as yourself may be the hook you are looking for! Even more incentive to change out of those PJ’s and clean yourself up before riding the vlog train!  You never know who could be watching!

The concept of blogging is to develop a voice that connects.  Vlogging adds a face and an actual voice, allowing you to shine in a whole new light.  If you thought a blog would let people know you better, a vlog ups the ante. Deal me in!

If you’re looking to amp up your blogging, join me in the 5-Day BlogBuster Challenge, which begins August 21.


Blogs and vlogs are can be a beautiful, perfect marriage of marketing tools. www.debbyk.racho.com.au/trailnotes Click To Tweet A video accompaniment can bring vibrant life to your written content. www.debbyk.racho.com.au/trailnotes Click To Tweet Blogs let people know you better, but a vlog ups the ante. www.debbyk.racho.com.au/trailnotes Click To Tweet



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