Eating the Elephant

Khalil Gibran (1883-1931), a Lebanese-American poet, wrote, “Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

Our Tales UnTold specializes in memories. We occupy a unique space where we function in the present by allowing others to relive and memorialize the past. Our work together ensures their precious memories and stories are preserved for tomorrow. Each week, we meet all kinds of people, in every demographic. Funny thing: we’ve never once heard anyone say they wouldn’t love to take the time to record important stories, whether their own or relatives, jotting down the tales behind their photographs and make a meaningful time capsule of it all.

So why then aren’t more people actually doing it?


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There are a number of reasons. First, the whole business might feel overwhelming. Our lives are already full with managing the day-to-day tasks of kids, households, and jobs.  You want me to add one more thing to my list? Excuse me while I locate my time-turner (thank you, J.K. Rowling).

Take the photos. Think about all the places you take snaps – and on what devices. iPhones. iPads. Actual cameras. Pictures are stored on the cloud, in folders, on hard drives. They are also in hard copy. Stored in boxes, in closets, on shelves, in books. Sheesh.

Relax. You don’t eat an elephant in one bite! Right? This is supposed to be FUN (we’re not pulling teeth here, sans anesthesia). Breathe. Enjoy the journey.

We believe you can set manageable goals, create a plan, and work it. In fact, we can show you how!

Second, actually giving yourself permission to sit down and interview a loved one, digging deep into family myths, may feel like a luxury. Perhaps there’s also a feeling of morbidity or fear of what you might learn. We encourage you to lean into this discomfort to think in terms of what you might miss if you don’t make the time. Focus on how this process, enjoyed together, could lead to stronger and deeper relationships. Imagine how you’ll feel knowing you’ve taken time to get to really know your mother. Your father. A grandparent. Sibling. A teacher.

Last, you may not feel as though you know how to undertake this kind of project, even if you wanted to. What if we told you that it was not only possible to successfully organize your photos and interview your loved ones, but to do so yourself – as much as you’d like – all with our support and encouragement? Think of us as your very own cheering squad.

Would you do it?

If you said, yes, what’s stopping you? Tell us below in the comments. (Scout’s honor: You’re in a judgment-free zone!)

Are you ready to lean in and learn in a whole new way to savor memories? We’re ready to serve you via the Our Tales UnTold Do-It-Yourself modular program. Doing-it-Yourself not your thing? Contact us and let’s chat about alternatives.



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