Finding Readers for your Amazing Blog

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Connie Jo Miller, founder, and president of Enigma Bookkeeping Solutions asked me, “I read your fantabulous e-Guide, 5–Steps to Publishing Client-Attracting Posts. So, I’ve written my awe-inspiring blog posts. How do I get my ideal clients to read them? Where do I put them to get the most readers?”

This is such a great question! Thank you, Connie.

I wish I could simply quote Field of Dreams to answer your question, “If you build it, they will come.”

But I can’t.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a straight-forward response because it depends. It depends on who your ideal clients are, where they “hang out,” and how they like to be communicated with. The adage “Fish where the fish are” provides some insight.

Once you’re extremely clear on who exactly you’re meant to serve, it’s easier to figure out how to get your awesome blogs in front of their eyeballs.
If you’re new to blogging, I suggest writing and publishing at least five kickass blog posts to your website (be sure to put them into categories and include tags) before you share any links on social media.

When you’re creating your Ideal Reader Profile, figure out where she hangs out on social media. If she’s on Facebook and Pinterest, then that’s where you’ll want to share your posts. If she’s only on Twitter, there’s no point in spending time trying to capture her attention on Facebook.

Sharing where your readers are.

Ideally, you also have an email list (even a small list is okay), which you’ve loaded into MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact. (You’ve also gotten permission to share emails with those on your list.) As you grow your list, more readers will be notified of your blog posts as they are published. If you have social share buttons on the bottom of each post, then your readers can post, tweet, or chat about your content.

Again, thank you, Connie, for your question. I hope this will increase your confidence as you attract your ideal peeps to your blog and business!

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