Want to have coffee with me?

I love having virtual coffee dates with entrepreneurs like you (isn’t technology grand?). It’s a fabulous opportunity for us to suss each other out, get clear on your communication goals, assess what you’re currently doing (and evaluating its efficacy), and what it is going to take to get you where you want to go.

Scheduling a Virtual Coffee Date with me takes two simple two-step process:

(1) Select a convenient time for us to meet using the calendar link below.

(2) Answer a few simple questions so I can be prepared for our call.

I can’t wait to “meet” you!


Our Testimonials

“I would still be puttering around instead of celebrating…”
Debby helped me get my book from partially done to all the way complete in mere months. Her careful editing and assistance with the publishing process were invaluable. I already felt overwhelmed in writing the content, so it was a huge time-saver to have her manage key publishing aspects. Even more important were her step-by-step instructions on how to successfully launch the book, which made me feel confident with marketing it. The bottom line is that I would still be puttering around with my book--rather than celebrating its publication—if I hadn't signed up for Debby's services. Thank you, Debby, for making my book a reality!

Kate Varness,
Green Light Organizing