10 Tips for Starting a Vlog

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Source: Adobe Stock

Being seen may cause your heart to go pitter-pat, but you’re thinking of augmenting your blog with a vlog. The facts that vlogging will enrich your online marketing efforts abound. But, how do you actually getting one started?

You may be asking yourself the following: What should I talk about?  What do I need to make one? Can I do it on my phone? Is the best approach for my personality to shine through or play it straight?

Well, lucky for you, we’ve set up these quick tips to start you being visible with your peeps.

  1. Research – Part 1 – If you’ve watched vlogs before (if you haven’t, get busy already!), consider what made them memorable and what aspects kept your attention? Pick a few of your favorites and re-watch from a critical perspective. Incorporate some of their best practices by identifying what connected with you.
  2. Research – Part 2 – When deciding on a vlogging topic, make sure you have your ducks in a row. Research little tidbits that will help drive home your points. Share a personalized story to keep your vlog post real and relatable.  Not only will this tidbit save you from multiple reshoots, but you’ll also increase your perceived expert status (which we know you really are).
  3. Pick a Theme – Consider your style and approach. Are you aiming for ultra casual, fun, and relaxed, or should you add a little sly humor? What will you wear? Will a professional tone or an “on the run,” “off the cuff” vibe work best with your ideal clients?
  4. Draft an outline – Here’s where you play scriptwriter. Start with an intro and overview of what wisdom you want to share. Then develop the main talking points. Be sure to wrap up with a quick summary and a call-to-action. Not only will this outline keep you on task, it will set a flow for fleshing out the story you want to tell.
  5. Keep it Short – Who really has the time for a ten-minute diatribe? If you want to keep your audience’s attention, keep your video short. The shorter, the better. Save the monologue for your next scene opposite DiCaprio.
  6. Be Real and Passionate – This is your time to shine, girlfriend. Put your best foot forward and open up a little.  If you come across as boring, your story will fall flat.  Slip a little personality (but not too much) into your presentation.  We like “down-to-earth” but with a splash of flair.  Chances are if you just be yourself that should do the trick.
  7. Use the Proper Equipment – Most people think they have to make a significant investment to vlog. Here’s a dirty little secret: all you really need is your iPhone! That being said, making a small investment in a gorilla pod, selfie stickclip-on microphone, lighting, and backdrop wouldn’t be wasted.
  8. Location – Are you filming outdoors? While walking down the street? In front of a backdrop?  Or in front of the bobblehead dolls on your desk?  All will have an influence on the tone you are trying to set.
  9. Film – Action! Hit that record button and let it flow.  If you screw up, start over again.  The beauty of digital media is it can be easily erased. Or save it for a blooper reel down the road.
  10. Post – Pick your outlets for distribution. Integrate into your website and blast your little self out on social media.

We can’t wait to watch! Want to schedule and plan a year’s worth of compelling posts? Join us on September 13-14 to do just that!


Starting a vlog? Here are 10 tips to help you out. https://deborahkevin.com/how-to-start-a-vlog-10-things-to-mark-off-your-checklist Click To Tweet When vlogging make sure to have your ducks in a row. https://deborahkevin.com/how-to-start-a-vlog-10-things-to-mark-off-your-checklist Click To Tweet Vlogging allows you to show off your sparkling personality. Go for it! https://deborahkevin.com/how-to-start-a-vlog-10-things-to-mark-off-your-checklist Click To Tweet


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