Open Letter to 90-Minute Books

Dear 90-Minute Books,

Thank you. Because of your writing, editing, and publishing style, I have more clients. They come to me after their experience with you, asking me to clean up your mess. It breaks my heart to see entrepreneurs so excited to share their expertise, anxiously awaiting the publication of their first book, only to have their hopes dashed when they receive a copy of their books from you.

Let’s be clear: I’d rather not clean up your mess. I would prefer that entrepreneurs have an excellent experience and feel delighted with their end product. I want them to be proud of having published a book that will change lives.

Unfortunately, your business model doesn’t allow for entry-level excellence. And that’s not fair to budding authors. At. All.

You create broken spirits and crushed dreams. You leave others, like me, to rebuild confidence, offer hope, and provide quality. I’m up to the task, mind you, though it ought not to be a “thing.”

Please stop publishing less-than-stellar books. Please stop telling people that a book can be written in 90-minutes. Or, at least, be honest that something recorded in 90-minutes will be a shitty first draft that requires significant clean-up before publication. Then, do what’s right and demand professional editing. And proofreading.

Visionary entrepreneurs are out to change the world with their revolutionary ideas. Why wouldn’t you support them in a way that ensures quality? Why would you make their jobs more difficult?

I just don’t get it.

If you’re a visionary entrepreneur who is less than satisfied with your 90-minute book, let’s chat. If you’re contemplating writing a book, let’s chat.


  1. Nicole Meltzer

    YES!!!! It’s so easy to be pulled in by the promise of immediate results. It just doesn’t exist with quality!
    Thank you for writing this.

    • Deborah Kevin

      Thank you, Nicole! I’m so glad you agree.

  2. Frank Demming

    I have used your editing services and was blown away by the end product and have received nothing but praise from the many readers who are now clients of mine. I remember contemplating using 90-minute books to write my first book because I needed to get it out the door quickly… I am so glad that a good friend of mine talked me off the ledge and introduced me to you so that you can help me with my project. I know that the end result would not have been the same had I used their services. So thank you for your professionalism and wisdom in the are of creating and editing content for books.

    • Deborah Kevin

      Aww, Frank! Thank you. You know that working with you on your book was a delight for me! <3

  3. Jennifer Flynn

    I am so glad that you were part of my first book experience! I didn’t have to have a shitty first draft on display for the world to affect my credibility. I hope everyone who is thinking about writing a book(s) sees this!! YOU are GOLD!

    • Deborah Kevin

      Thank you, Jennifer! I loved working with you to bring your powerful story into the world <3.

  4. Jill Celeste

    I could not agree more! While I am a fan of imperfect action, an entrepreneur needs to also be smart about how she is investing her money and time. While I wish the concept worked, 90-Minute Books simply doesn’t. I am so glad you wrote this!

  5. CK Kochis

    Wow. I am not familiar with 90 Minute Books. I guess I know who to stay away from. And, what a shame. It breaks my heart to read that someone was taken advantage of. Bless your heart for helping them, and adjust the process to make their dreams come true.

  6. Leila

    Awesome Deborah
    Thank you for sharing. Like someone looking to write a book. This is very helpful.


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