Read when you’ve lost that loving feeling

Cue the Everly Brothers. Or, my favorite, Hall & Oates version of “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.” Picture Goose and Maverick lamenting their lost love.

Yes, lost love is tough to get through (hugs). We’ve all been there.

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But the love I’m talking about is the one you’ve lost for your blog.

Remember when you rushed to the keyboard, breathless with a new idea to share with your readers? Back when you had more ideas than time? When the idea of writing your blog got your heart pumping with excitement?

Now, though, you feel queasy knowing you’ve left your writing undone. You wait for a muse who, like a fickle lover, refuses to show herself. Ideas, which used to flow like a chocolate fountain, have dried up to a non-existent trickle.

I feel you.

It’s time for some tough love. (Better sit down.)

Your ideal clients want and need to hear from you. Regularly. They need the wisdom only you can provide. Your blog isn’t about you. At all. It’s about them. So you’ve got to get back to the keyboard.

Here are five things you can do to jumpstart your creativity:

  1. Set aside thirty minutes on your calendar each week to read, research, and capture ideas. Claim this dreaming time sacred.
  2. Review your categories and make sure they’re aligned with what your clients need and want. Give yourself to make adjustments.
  3. Create an editorial calendar and plan out a minimum of three months posts in advance.
  4. Write an entire month’s worth of posts in one sitting. Schedule half a day once a month to do this.
  5. Plan on another day to spend an hour editing what you’ve written.

In the words of my mentor, Fabienne Frederickson, JFDI*.

If you’re feeling stuck, schedule a virtual coffee date with me.


*JFDI = just f*cking do it

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