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Deborah Kevin (pronounced KEY-vin), best-selling author and sought-after speaker, will inspire your audience with her down-to-earth speaking style and dry wit to recognize that their stories are meant to be shared.

In her signature TED-style talk, Who Wants to Hear Your Story?, Debby explores the excuses would-be writers use to put off digging deep into their experiences and why the time is now for women to make an impact by lighting the way for others via their books.

Debby’s speaking style is warm, funny, and inspirational. She loves interacting with the audience, answering their questions with encouragement and honesty that will motivate them to stop being “waiters” and start being “writers.” Whether you need a keynote speaker or someone to speak at a more intimate event, Debby will inspire your audience to share their own stories with courage and vulnerability.


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Deborah Kevin’s presentation “Who Wants to Hear Your Story?” dispels the myths that keep many great stories from ever being heard. “I’m not a writer.” “It’s too hard.” “I don’t have anything to say.” All these objections, and more, are dismissed in a loving, nurturing way that encourages the reluctant writer to finally put pen to paper and begin writing their own, unique story. Her speech inspired me, and now I’ve written my first book!
Connie Jo Miller

Enigma Bookkeeping Solutions

Deborah Kevin’s interview on our podcast was called “The Healing Power of Words.” She shared with our listeners and us how powerful words can be by telling her story with courage and grace. We were touched, and our listeners have been, too—her interview with us is one of the most popular ones we’ve had yet! Deborah has a transparent way about her, and in showed in her interview. She speaks openly about her life, past and present, and shows how we can turn our pain into strength.

Genevieve Kohn

Co-Host, Reclaim Your Health

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