5 Steps for a Successful Online Book Launch

You’ve done it. You’ve written a book. It’s been edited and proofread. The cover gleams. You feel a sense of accomplishment coupled with a twinge of fear. Will anyone read your book? How you get it in front of your future clients? You must have an online book launch, my dear.

Here are the five things necessary for a successful launch:

1. Great launch partners

Writing may be a solitary activity but launching is best enjoyed with friends—lots of them! You’ll want friends, family, and colleagues who agree to focus their marketing efforts on one specific day, your online launch day.

2. Set-up your launch partners for success

You’ve asked and they’ve said, “Yes!” In addition to expressing gratitude, you can help them help you by providing sample text for them to use as the basis for their email invitations to their lists. Also, you’ll want to give them branded graphics, Tweets, and Facebook posts to share.

3. Communicate

Sure, everyone’s stoked that your book is coming out. The truth is that no one is as excited as you (well, maybe your mom is). Help your partners stay engaged and excited by communicating with them throughout your launch day. Tell them how you’re ranking in the categories you selected. Ask them to preorder your book and take photos of them holding it, reading it, or opening their book box.

4. Celebrate

The process of preparing for and launching a book can take significant energy. Be sure to save some to celebrate with your launch partners, your friends, and family. Pop the champagne or sparkling cider and jump onto Facebook Live or a Zoom call to celebrate with your team.

5. Express gratitude

Thank your launch partners verbally and with a follow-up email or written note. Be visible on social media and give them a shout out. Include your editor, proofreader, publisher, and anyone who supported you on your publication journey.

Ninja tip: hire an experienced online book launch manager. If you’d like to chat with me about launching your book, schedule a virtual coffee date.

7 Steps to Convert Your Blog to a Book

If you’ve been consistently blogging for a year or more, and have your blog posts categorized, you’re likely ready to convert some of your posts into a book. How exciting is that? And it’s a relatively simple process!

1. Determine theme and title

Decide on a theme for your book using your ideal client’s pain points and blog categories. Select your book title and subtitle. Create an outline in a new Word document.

2. Select blog posts

Review your blog posts and select those which address your ideal client’s pain points. Create your sh*tty first draft by copying the blog posts’ text into your outline. Keep going until you have a full document (between 60-100 pages).

3. Read and adjust

Read the entire document. Ask yourself:

  • What’s missing?
  • Where do I need to elaborate?
  • Where should I cut?
  • What transitions are needed?
  • Do I want to add journal prompts or chapter checklists?

Make the necessary adjustments.

4. Edit

Read your book through again and then edit. At least twice. Hiring a professional editor is always a good investment. Why? A professional editor provides a fresh viewpoint and grammatical and style knowledge. She can also provide proofreading expertise.

Ninja tip: Have beta readers go through your book and provide feedback. Incorporate feedback that supports your vision or clarifies your message.

5. Design your cover

Design your book cover. Again, hiring a graphic designer provides the best outcome, but you can use Canva or Adobe’s InDesign to create a professional-looking cover. Be sure to have your 50-word biography and headshot for the back cover. Write a synopsis for both the back cover and Amazon.

6. Publish

Unless you’ve pitched your book to a publishing house, your best option is to use Amazon’s CreateSpace to self-publish. If you’re new to CreateSpace, you’ll need to first set-up an account and complete all the tax identification stuff. Once the paperwork is complete, you can follow the guided process to upload your book and cover, select a book category, and complete publishing details.

7. Launch + celebrate

Successfully launching your book takes a village. There’s a science behind when, how, and who ought to help you—and on which social media platforms. Be sure to celebrate adding author (hopefully, best-selling author) to your title!

If you’d like to explore taking your blog posts to a book, schedule a free virtual coffee date with me. I’d love to support you!