Vlogging vs. Blogging – Better Friends Than Enemies

Source: Adobe Stock

Source: Adobe Stock

Our headline rings of Plants vs. Zombies, Betty vs. Veronica or Miley vs. Katy, but can’t these two just get along? The overwhelming response is YES!  In fact, they should and they must!  The truth is they should be symbiotic and share a crucial mutually beneficial relationship in your marketing plan. A vlog accompanying your blog can be a Laverne to your Shirley or Ross to your Rachel.  After all, everybody needs to find their lobster.

What exactly is a vlog?

But before we drop anymore Friends references, we shouldn’t assume all of our fabulous readers know what a vlog is!  In short, a vlog is a blog but in video form – hence the “v” replacing the “b.” Yeah, it’s a clunky term, but don’t blame us ‘cause we didn’t start it.  It’s just one of those things that kinda stuck and caught on.  Even “blog” has become a general term, but that is originally short for “web log” – share that exhilarating fun fact at your next dinner party – take that Snapple caps!

Vlogging and blogging are both extraordinarily powerful and personal, and thus invaluable in building customer loyalty. If writing is difficult for you, vlogging may be the answer to your blogging conundrum and vice-versa.  Let’s face it; even Grandma knows how to record video on her phone these days – so there’s no excuse for not keeping up with the Joneses. And if you’re a little camera shy and bashful about your good looks, the blog realm may be your safe haven.

SEO, or Google juice.

You know from our juicy series of “blogs on blogs” that they are an informal way of connecting to your audience in a written digital medium. They are a proven tool to help grow your business, are great for SEO (search engine optimization), and offer a means to connect with your clients in a non-traditional way.  And so can a vlog! Plus, add that they are much more personalized since clients both new and old are now seeing your pretty little face.  Same church, different pew!

Video has become so freakin’ easy to generate.  With social features such as Facebook Live and the ability to record every waking moment on our phone as we stroll down the street, it is no surprise that video blogging is taking hold and becoming a powerful weapon in your marketing toolbox.

We’ll get into the SEO benefits of marrying your vlog with a blog in a future post – and, of course, you know remember how important blogging is – but breaking the seal on vlogging is the purpose today.  Depending on your industry it may, in fact, be a better tool for you than a straight blog.  Again, consider that people may not want to read (oh the horror for us old school writers!), so a vlog serves those people who are visual learners. In fact, your social followers may not even have to click to play your video posts as they may roll automatically as they scroll through their newsfeed.

Vlogging offers a visual alternative.

People consume information in different ways, but we still want to serve all relevant audiences. Over the long term, a mix will prove to be the best method over to reach our desired demographic.

So, what are you going to vlog about?  Will you talk about a new product or service? Explain what makes your company different? Demonstrate a key component of your biz? Or how about giving a face to a new staff member that clients will be interacting with?

Oh, the vlogging possibilities are endless! We’re ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille! Want to schedule and plan a year’s worth of compelling posts? Join us on September 13-14 to do just that!


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