What Princess Leia Taught Me About Comfort Zones

It’s time to get real and share insight into a problem I’m experiencing—with my cat, Princess Leia—and what I learned about comfort zones as a result. First, a little backstory.

Cats Rule

Princess Leia, upside down. Photo credit: Deborah Kevin, 2017.

Princess Leia, now thirteen, came to live with our family when she was four months old. My eldest son begged for years to have a cat, and she adopted him for his seventh birthday. From the start, she fit right in and became a favorite, even of our dog Piper.

From the beginning, she was my cat (she didn’t know—or care—that I am more of a dog person). She slept with me. She laid on my chest whenever I cuddled up to read a book. My lap was her Barkalounger, and she was with me for every click of the keyboard as I plunked out my novel.  We’re used to each other’s habits.

Except, recently, she’s changed the dynamic. And it has negatively impacted my sleep patterns. For years, I slept on the right side of the bed, which faces the bedroom door. I lay on my left side right on the edge, comforter pulled up around my ears, no matter the weather. Princess Leia would curl up against my back or near my feet. She slept well. I slept well. All was well.

Changes are Afoot

Bed hoggin it and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Photo credit: Deborah Kevin, 2018.

It was, anyway, until she decided she wanted to occupy my space and would headbutt me until I scooched over to allow her to lay against my chest, right on the bed’s edge. We worked it out. I adjusted. But then she began pushing me over. She slowly stretched herself out, sideways, her whole body pushed against my pillow, relegating me to the other side of the bed. What a cheeky monkey!

To make a long story short, I accommodated her. I started sleeping on the left side. That’s when she commandeered the left edge of the bed. And that’s when my crankiness activated. This girl needs her sleep!

One night, I chose to spread out like a starfish, right in the middle. I took up all but the edges of the bed, figuring she could decide which side she wanted and I’d still get a good night’s sleep. And I did. Finally.

My Comfort Zone

Then it hit me: Princess Leia was pushing me out of my comfort zone. She, in her cat wisdom, showed me that I could no longer ball myself up. I could stretch out and use the whole bed! It was time for me to take up more space. She taught me to be flexible and to enjoy a new perspective.

By creating discomfort in what ought to be the safest of places, Princess Leia showed me that it was time for me to spread out—in all areas of my life. And I’m incredibly grateful! Not only am I sleeping better, but I find that I’m more willing to take up more space in the world, in business and personally.

In what areas of your life are you playing small, taking up little space? Where could you use a push out of your comfort zone? Let’s chat!




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