You’ve taken your work as far as you can.
Hand it over to a professional editor who can help you take it farther.

We know — and use — of a variety of resources to strengthen your work.

We’re writers, too.

Let us help you by using our editing skills to:

  • Proof-read your work prior to publication
  • Ensure your grammar usage is spot-on
  • Perform detailed, inline editing
  • Layout your manuals and collateral material
  • Analyze character, plot, and story (yes! even nonfiction needs these)

We can perform light-to-heavy editing. We’re not afraid of your dangling participles.

Schedule a get-acquainted call with us so we can learn more about you and your project.

Editing clients include:


Our Testimonials

Working with Deborah Kevin has been a life/business saver! Debby creates, writes, and posts all the blogs and newsletters sent out on behalf of my business. I am so happy to have these blogs/newsletters represent my company! Debby’s blogs and newsletters are intriguing, innovative, informative, and not to mention keeping me on top of Googles search engine! In addition, Debby is a GREAT person, she’s very loving, patient and heart centered!

Kerrie Harris of
Miracles Massage